In related news, Bawney Fwank hates himself.

Barney Frank: What I Read — The Atlantic

. . . TV is my default activity when I’m too tired to read. I like watching re-runs of situation comedies. Typically Frasier or Everybody Loves Raymond. I don’t care for Seinfeld. I’m bothered by the character of Kramer. I find it hard to watch shows where there is one character that is so obnoxious that no one would hang out with him. That’s also my problem with Will & Grace. I don’t understand why Jack was his best friend. He’s unpleasant and dishonest. Why would anyone want to put up with a Jack or a Kramer? It’s discordant for me to think about. My partner’s an outdoors guy so when we’re watching TV together, we’ll put on River Monsters, which follows a guy who catches unusual creatures in the water.