Celebrate diversity . . . or die.

Via The Blaze:

Despite getting financial and moral support from some unlikely allies, Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Christian bakers who were fined $135,000 after they declined to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, have also received their fair share of nasty and threatening messages.

One such response that was emailed to the couple on Sunday carried with it a cryptic threat for the Sweetcakes by Melissa bakery owners.

“The lord has spoken to me and said you must die for your sins and your shop will be blown up,” the text read. “I will be coming to you, I know where you live … Don’t fall asleep.”

Aaron Klein told The Church Boys on Tuesday that this isn’t the first time that he and his wife have received threatening messages, though he said it’s often hard to assess the viability or legitimacy of these messages.

“This isn’t the first one we’ve gotten … like this and I would probably venture to say it won’t be the last,” he said. ”We’ve been called bigots, we’ve been called all kinds of things.”

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