Then again, Mitt should be happy his 2012 announcement wasn’t run on the obituary page.

(TPM) — If Mitt Romney was looking for huge headlines from his Thursday campaign launch in New Hampshire…well, he might have reason to be a bit disappointed.

Friday’s front page of the New Hampshire Union Leader, the state’s largest newspaper, has Romney’s launch seriously overshadowed by two other events: The death of former Gov. Walter Peterson (R) — and Sarah Palin’s tour of the state. The latter was given the banner headline just above the fold, “Palin Hits The Seacoast,” plus a large photo of Palin and her daughter Piper.

By comparison, Romney’s kickoff was reduced to a mere inset photo within text of the Palin piece, and a small headline, “Romney Announces.”

The caption text: “INSIDE: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney announces his presidential candidacy Thursday in Stratham. Story, Page A3.”