Update to this story. Some people did try to come to his aid, but the majority seemed to think it was just hilarious.

Via NY Post:

Disturbing video has surfaced online showing an unconscious man being mocked and laughed at by onlookers after he was beaten to a bloody pulp by a gang of youths.

“Yea, n***a, you just got knocked the f*** out!” one of the spectators can be heard saying, as the rest of the unruly mob howls in amazement.

“Someone please call 911,” the group chants jokingly, in reference to a Wyclef Jean song featuring Mary J. Blige.
“You just got knocked the f**k out, b***h!” another man reiterates, before being shooed away by a disgusted bystander who tells him, “That s**t ain’t cool, bruh, y’all tripping.”

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