“Nobody is coming to this guy’s aid”

(Mediaite) — Chris Matthews continued to not believe Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner’s “strange” explanations for what really happened with his Twitter account and the now infamous underwear picture. Matthews also wasn’t impressed with Weiner’s many interviews yesterday, suggesting Weiner was merely “appearing to being exhaustive” without really answering anything.

Matthews repeatedly wondered why if Weiner truly had nothing to hide, then why couldn’t he just say “I got nothing to do with it!” Politico’s Ben Smith agreed that Weiner should be completely honest and needs to realize that the media will never get tired of a Congressman’s crotch. Given that there still remains some unanswered questions, Matthews began his own speculation, thinking “I never heard [Weiner] say I never sent [the photo] to anybody.”

Ultimately Matthews thought Weiner’s “juvenile behavior” would be an embarrassment to the Democratic party long after the ordeal is over, as Matthews realized “nobody is coming to this guy’s aid.” Matthews was even annoyed that Weiner used a slang spelling of “howz” in his Twitter feed. In fact, Matthews thinks it’s even possible that Republicans can successfully attack the whole Democratic party over Weiner’s behavior and retain control of the House of Representatives as a result.

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