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Social media has already created the hashtag, #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches, driven by activists, already stating white supremacists are behind the fires.

But hey, facts, who cares about those, when you have a narrative to drive?

Via LA Times:

Arsonists are suspected of attacking at least two black churches across the South last week, but no arrests have been made or suspects identified, officials told the Los Angeles Times on Monday.

None of the late-night attacks have been a declared a hate crime and it’s unclear whether any of the fires are linked. Social media reports that six black churches have been burned down in arson attacks are not accurate, according to local officials’ accounts of the fires.

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So to break it down, of the “6 Black Churches burned’:
1. Knoxville, Tenn – fire set with materials on site, according to police more like a vandalism/kids thing, doesn’t look like ‘hate crime’
2. Macon, Ga – possible arson, but ‘nothing to suggest malicious intent’ (not sure how to reconcile those two statements by police)
3. Gibson County, Tenn – ‘white’ church, hit by lightning
4. Charlotte, N.C. – Arson, but nothing to suggest hate crime, damage to youth area
5. Warrenville, S.C. – don’t know what cause was, can’t rule out an accident
6. Tallahasee, Fla – fire likely touched off by electrical short

As we go to press on this, there is another fire reported at Mount Zion AME Church in South Carolina, a church previously burnt out by the Klan many years ago. Already it is being reported by many as ‘7th Black Church to burn’. The AP is reporting preliminary examination indicates it is not arson.