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Should it have been a surprise that this Soros puppet, Shaun King, was talking through his hat?

Apparently, not all get that he is also a one man money-grubbing donation machine.

He had posted a reward for the first person to manually remove the flag, bail plus $10,000.

Brittany ‘Bree’ Newsome, another Black Lives Matter activist, took him up on his offer this morning, climbing up and removing the flag flying on the grounds in front of the South Carolina capitol. But she then had to wait in jail awhile, as King failed to provide any money.

Money ultimately was provided through Color of Change to get Newsome out, according to activists on Twitter. Color of Change also seems to be associated with the Indie Go Go page raising money for Newsome and future such actions. This page violates the terms of service as it is both supporting her criminal act, plus encouraging future criminal acts, so we are encouraging people to report the page to Indie Go Go.

King posted this tweet, making it appear that he had provided the money to get her out.
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Needless to say, this is making some in the ‘movement’ unhappy with Mr. King:

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