They will take any excuse they can find to bash America.

Via CNS News:

“There is nothing sanctimonious” or arrogant in the State Department’s publication of an annual report on human rights around the world, Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday, adding that the U.S. cannot help but be humble itself given the racial tensions at home over the past year.

Releasing the latest report – covering 2014 and issued 120 days late – Kerry said some foreign governments may take issue with it.

“My advice to any leader who is upset by these findings is really to examine them, to look at the practices of their country, and to recognize that the way to alter what the world thinks and the way to change these judgments is to alter what is happening in those countries,” he said.

“That is the advice that we also give to ourselves,” Kerry added. “There is nothing sanctimonious in this. There is zero arrogance. And we couldn’t help but have humility when we have seen what we have seen in the last year in terms of racial discord and unrest.”

“So we approach this with great self-awareness. But we also understand that when human rights is the issue, every country, including the United States, has room to improve,” he said. “And the path to global respect always begins at home.”

The congressionally-mandated human rights reports have been released in varying forms every year since 1977, and the latest one covers 199 countries and territories.

Each year a number of countries respond coldly to the U.S. criticism. Among the most immediate reaction to this year’s report was Moscow’s. The foreign ministry’s top human rights official, Konstantin Dolgov, said the report contained no constructive criticism, was compiled “with a claim to absolute rightness,” and was based on flawed methodology.