And yes, liberal bias in academia (along with the media) is still just a myth.

Via Campus Reform:

The Christian Church was the greatest defender of slavery and is disparaging black lives.

Those sentiments are currently being taught to and discussed by students enrolled in an online class at the University of South Florida.

Students taking USF’s “Culture and Society in Africa” course were recently assigned a textbook that describes organized Christianity as the greatest purveyor of slavery in the 18th and 19th centuries.

According to Introduction to African Civilization by John G. Jackson,  Quakers were the only Christian denomination to take “a firm stance against the slaveocracy.”

“Anyone who is familiar with the history of black slavery will note that the strongest bulwark of the slave system was organized Christianity; or in other words, the various denominations of the Christian Church,” states the textbook obtained by Campus Reform.

A first-year student enrolled in the three-credit summer course alerted Campus Reform to the textbook’s claims after excerpts were used by the class instructor to initiate a mandatory discussion among students.

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