Warning, offensive language:

We’ve seen such unity in Charleston over the past few days, it has been inspiring. But lest we forget, there are always the extremist elements working to try to divide and it’s not just Deray McKesson.

Here’s this crazy lady who goes by the name Sista Solove, in all her lunatic glory railing on about the ‘white devil’. If that sounds familiar, it should, she apparently has some sympathy/association with the thoughts of Louis Farrakhan. She and other similar lunatics will be meeting tomorrow ‘in defense of the black church’ and on Saturday to ‘bury white supremacy’. They offend the memory of the people killed by affixing their faces to these race baiting events.

Sista Solve actually says “these n–as better get off their knees and stop praying to white Jesus”, because “white Jesus ain’t gonna save nobody”. In the context of the church killing and the deep faith of the victims, I can’t imagine a more offensive statement. But then what does their memory matter on the way to the revolution?

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I think given what we’ve seen of Charleston so far, people will likely look askance at these out of town trouble makers; there will be no takers for the vitriol here…