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There was a bomb threat shortly after the shooting involving the Mother Emanuel AME Church. But there has been no evidence one way or another that it was by Dylann Roof, that any racist threats were made and certainly not that the Charleston PD would be hiding the threats.

What would be the point in hiding such calls in any event, if in fact they had been made? Even if you believed police were all racist and somehow would want to protect Roof, Roof has already confessed to 9 counts of murder, he’s in jail forever, if he is not given the death penalty, bomb threats or not.

Interestingly, almost as though it were a coordinated thought, other leftist agitators spread the idea that the bomb threats after the shooting were somehow an evidence of a conspiracy:
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Charleston is proving to be a challenging place for them to try and drum up riots, so they resort to this effort to make up facts and stoke the flames.