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From the start of this event, the Black Lives Matter crew was spreading this as a racial event. Their agitatore were pushing their version of facts on social media and were immediately on their way to McKinney. They didn’t need much help, though with media pushing it, and not looking into the actual facts. But now, after the locals, black and white, started talking about what actually happened, they have been threatened and verbally attacked for challenging the media and BLM narrative.

Via Breitbart:

Residents in the McKinney, Texas, Craig Ranch subdivision told Breitbart Texas that during the protest movement since the pool party ruckus on Friday, they have received death threats, and their homes have been vandalized.

The community residents say they are in deep fear that protestors, and those who trespassed at the pool party, will return and harm residents and/or further vandalize property.

Craig Ranch community residents told Breitbart Texas that this has been an ongoing problem for weeks. People have been coming from outside of the community into the subdivision and have vandalized homes and frightened neighbors.

This behavior escalated after the pool party on Friday.

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