This is on fire all over social media as we speak, with MSM about to pounce. This video depicts about 7 minutes where a cop seems to be overly physical with teens who don’t appear to be doing much. Whether the cop’s actions are appropriate will have to be determined when examining all the facts.

But it skips the lead-in to the story which is this:
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Apparently the area has been having problems with what is essentially a rave pool party, where teens are invited to property that the inviter doesn’t own or have a right to be on. Then trouble started with fights between those that had the right to be there and those who didn’t.
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Here’s a copy of the invite:

But the social justice warriors and the outraged are already off to the races on this one, making it all about the race of the teens in the video.

Ferguson organizer Deray McKesson is already organizing the charge to McKinney:
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Expect this to burst all over the MSM tomorrow as the latest example of horrible racism.


There was a community end of school party at a private HOA community pool. Some people were properly there, somewhere between 70-100 others began to jump the fence, threatening and fighting with the homeowners, who called security and the police after the violence started.

Here was some of the violence. This apparently is a fight/struggle between a resident and the woman who sent out the rave invite. She was the one who essentially created the problem, because the teens themselves wouldn’t know they weren’t actually legitimately allowed to be there.

This woman, who goes by Keef_Cakez of Young KC on Twitter, claims that the white adult with whom she struggled made a racist comment to her, i.e. “Go back to Section 8”. There is nothing that sounds like that on the video, the video looks like she is pulling the hair of one of the other residents. It is unclear whether or not Young KC herself is a resident. But even if she were, she wouldn’t apparently have the right to invite more than one guest to use the pool under the HOA rules.

Here’s MSNBC’s Joy Reid reaching out to speak with this woman, so watch for the spin tomorrow:
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We told you of one resident’s account, Benet Embry, above, a black resident who said the incident had nothing to do with race.

Here’s another, Bryan Gestner, who says he has already been threatened:
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Both residents say there is much more than the video and that the cops were just dealing with what they had to.