Ladies man.

(NY Post) — It takes a certain type of woman to set his heart a-Twitter.

Rep. Anthony Weiner follows only a select 198 of his nearly 49,000 Twitter fans — and a surprising number of them are total babes.

Yesterday, outside his DC office, the model-loving, married congressman testily refused to talk about the pretty women he’s following.

He flashed a tight, uncomfortable smile and avoided eye contract as he tried to deflect point-blank questions from reporters about whether or not he had sent a crotch shot of himself in underwear to a 21-year-old co-ed in Seattle.

“Was it from you or not,” demanded CNN’s Capitol Hill producer Ted Barrett.

To which the squirming Weiner replied:

“If I were giving a speech to 45,000 people and someone in the back threw a pie or yelled out an insult, I would not spend the next two hours of my speech responding to that pie or that insult.”

But reporters persisted, asking Weiner if he followed the co-ed on Twitter and whether he had other “young women followers” — with one barking: “Answer the question!”

Instead, the famously temperamental Weiner looked annoyed, rolled his shoulders and argued — but never said whether or not he sent the picture.

Weiner’s sultry stable of fans should come as no surprise. Every year, he begs the State Department to give red-hot international runway models more travel visas.