Obama pot

The NY Times broke a ‘big story’ on Marco Rubio having 4 traffic violations within a span of 18 years.

But I’m willing to bet they didn’t even cover the ticket violations by this scofflaw. And of course, this is nothing in the background to compare with what was actually there on which they should have reported.

Via Boston.com:

Barack Obama is no longer a scofflaw, at least in Cambridge and Somerville.

Two weeks before the US senator from Illinois launched his presidential campaign, he paid parking tickets he received while attending Harvard Law School, officials said yesterday.

Obama received 17 parking tickets in Cambridge between 1988 and 1991, according to the city’s Traffic, Parking & Transportation Department.

Of those tickets, he paid only two while he was a student and paid them late, said Susan Clippinger, the office’s director.

In January, about when the Globe began asking local officials about Obama’s time at Harvard, including any violations of local laws, someone representing the senator called the parking office to inquire about the decades-old tickets.

On Jan. 26, the remaining $375 in fines and fees were paid by credit card using the city’s website, Clippinger said. She said she didn’t know who paid them.

“I think it’s fabulous he finally paid them,” Clippinger said by phone yesterday. “I think others who owe us money should pay us, too.”

Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for the Obama campaign, said last night that the senator paid for the tickets out of a personal account.

She would not comment on why it had taken him so long to pay the tickets and fees. “All I can do is confirm that he paid all the tickets and late fees in full,” she said.

Clippinger said her records show that Obama received the tickets between Oct. 5, 1988, and Jan. 12, 1990, for violations including parking in a resident-only area, blocking a bus stop, and failing to put money in meters.

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