There isn’t a drop of femininity in Kohn and Jenner combined.

Via Newsbusters:

Caitlyn Jenner wins out over Kim Kardashian in femininity, according to one media pundit.

The CNN political commentator and Daily Beast writer Sally Kohn stated “I Want My Daughter to Copy the Caitlyn Jenner Model of Femininity” – “not the Kardashian one” – in the headline of a June 3 piece for Elle. Kohn “imagine[d] a day” where parents would “counsel” their little boys and girls to “be more like Caitlyn Jenner.”

Kohn wrote on Jenner’s story – from a mom’s perspective.

“As a mom, I worry about the real-life Barbie doll hyper-sexualization projected by the Kardashian women,” she wrote. “Please oh please don’t let my little girl see Kim Kardashian’s airbrush-enhanced image and believe that is the feminine ideal.” (Because, Vanity Fair, with its Caitlyn Jenner cover, never ever Photoshops – nor Elle, for that matter…)

“Which makes me even more grateful for Caitlyn Jenner,” Kohn concluded.

For Kohn, Jenner provided a preferred example of femininity.

“As a feminist,” Kohn wrote, “I’m encouraged by the prospect that a transwoman may be either accidentally or quite deliberately subverting that trend, for the benefit of all women.”

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