I love when libs get a taste of their own PC medicine.

Via Guardian:

Cameron Crowe has apologised for casting the white actor Emma Stone as a “part-Asian” Hawaiian in controversial “whitewashed” romance Aloha.

Crowe addressed the issue on his blog after diversity campaigners took him to task for allegedly failing to recognise that Asian-Pacific Islanders make up the majority of the state’s population. The casting of Stone as the quarter Asian and quarter Hawaiian character Allison Ng drew particular criticism.

“Thank you so much for all the impassioned comments regarding the casting of the wonderful Emma Stone in the part of Allison Ng,” Crowe wrote. “I have heard your words and your disappointment, and I offer you a heartfelt apology to all who felt this was an odd or misguided casting choice.”

The film-maker said he had based Ng on a real-life redheaded Hawaiian who always struggled to explain her unlikely ethnicity. He took the blame for the casting decision entirely upon himself and praised Stone for her “tireless research”.

“Whether that story point felt hurtful or humorous has been, of course, the topic of much discussion,” he said. “However I am so proud that in the same movie, we employed many Asian-American, Native-Hawaiian and Pacific-Islanders, both before and behind the camera … including Dennis “Bumpy” Kanahele, and his village, and many other locals who worked closely in our crew and with our script to help ensure authenticity.

“I am grateful for the dialogue,” the director continued. “And from the many voices, loud and small, I have learned something very inspiring. So many of us are hungry for stories with more racial diversity, more truth in representation, and I am anxious to help tell those stories in the future.”