(CNS News)John Bryson, nominated by President Barack Obama today to head the Department of Commerce, once said it was “incredibly important” that the United States pass cap and trade legislation and that America needed to become a global leader in combating man-made global warming.

“I regard it as incredibly important that the United States comes forth in this year with federal climate change legislation as a foundation for moving ahead,” Bryson told the U.N. International Energy Conference in late August 2009. “I think we in the U.S. have an obligation to assist in significant ways in providing leadership in this community of nations that you represent and addressing energy and climate change.”

Bryson, in stating “in this year,” was speaking about the U.N. Climate Change Conference then-scheduled for Decmeber 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bryson, formerly the long-time CEO of Edison International, has long been an advocate of some sort of federal plan for regulating greenhouse gasses. While still CEO of Edison, Bryson called for a national cap and trade system.