I wonder if Director of National Intelligence James Clapper still thinks the Brotherhood is a “largely secular” group?

(JPost) — The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is using mosques as the headquarters of its party branches, and the organization is gradually seeking to create a Shari’a-based state, former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit warned on Tuesday, during a conference on the internet’s role in recent upheavals in the Arab world in Tel Aviv.

Shabtai, who chaired the conference held at Tel Aviv University and organized by the Tel Aviv Workshop for Science, Technology and Security, said that the Muslim Brotherhood remained the only real organized political force in Egypt, and that the current military council leading the country until elections “was a link between the old hated regime and its replacement.”

He added that the foundations of the old Mubarak regime, including the ruling party, the interior ministry, and prisons were currently being dismantled in Egypt.

“The Muslim Brotherhood could not be crushed by past regimes because of its dual identity as a religious and a political movement. Every mosque is a party branch headquarters. Every cleric at the mosque is the party branch chairman. A contribution to the mosque is a contribution to the party,” Shabtai added.

The Brotherhood was maneuvering itself through the current turmoil in Egypt skilfully, Shabtai said, adding that its immediate goal was to be a balance changer in parliament, following the upcoming parliamentary elections.