Target rich environment there could have been more if the bikers hadn’t cooperated. Update to this previous story.

Via Breaking911

Nine people were killed at a massive biker brawl in Waco on Sunday. Reports now suggest four of the dead may have been shot by police.

Police knew about the gathering of biker gangs at the location and responded to the scene before the fight started.

The brawl started inside and spilled into the parking lot, police immediately drew their weapons. The bikers aimed their weapons at Officers… Police returned fire.

Police in Waco say the melee involved five gangs, including the Bandidos and the Cossacks, who clashed at a weekend recruiting event.

“Our officers took fire and responded appropriately, returning fire,” the sergeant said.

From CNN: “According to a law enforcement source, preliminary information indicates that four of the bikers killed were killed by police gunfire. The investigation continues and the ballistics will be analyzed to determine for certain who was responsible for each shooting.”

Talking to reporters on Sunday, Waco Police spokesman Sgt. Patrick Swanton cautioned that the groups involved in the shootout were not “a friendly group of motorcycle enthusiasts,” but criminal gangs.

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