The article linked above only covers the Saturday shootings. This one covers the Friday shootings, including of an 81 year old grandmother. “This is the genocide that happens in our backyard,” said one neighbor.

But #BlackLivesMatter, right?
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The great-grandmother was shot just minutes after coming from her daughter’s wake.


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Via Chicago Sun-Times:

A bullet shattered the window of an ambulance as paramedics were working on a patient Sunday evening in the West Englewood neighborhood.

The ambulance, operated by the Chicago Fire Department, was shot about 5:40 p.m. in the 5600 block of South Bishop, according to fire department spokesman Will Knight.

The bullet shattered the driver’s-side window, and a large caliber slug was found in the cab portion of the ambulance, the statement said. Two paramedics were treating a patient in the back at the time of the shooting, the statement said. No one was shot.


Final total shot for the weekend? At least 49, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Gunfire erupted outside a South Shore homicide scene early Monday morning, leaving the 49th person shot since Friday afternoon bleeding from abdomen and leg wounds about 100 yards from where a man was found shot to death with a gun in his hand hours earlier.

The gunfire sent mourners, who had gathered at the crime scene near 78th Street and South Shore avenues close to where the man was killed, scattering into the neighborhood as a couple of them screamed.

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