The students protesting are graduating from the “School of Social Work.”

Via Campus Reform:

The University of Maryland-Baltimore (UMB) will have an unusual graduation Friday morning when graduating students of the School of Social Work protest at their convocation ceremony for the “Black Lives Matter” cause.

The convocation ceremony, scheduled for May 15 at 9 a.m., will be filled with a graduating class donning caps with Black Lives Matter stickers on top

Students organized using a closed Facebook group for the university’s School of Social Work class of 2015. Screenshots of the page obtained exclusively by Campus Reform show that members of the group were asked if they wanted the “subtle yet powerful” Black Lives Matter sticker to place on their graduation caps.

A UMB student who wished to remain anonymous told Campus Reform she expects more than half of the 2015 class to wear the Black Lives Matter stickers on their caps.

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