Pay attention wannabe moonbats, this is how you do it.

Via Campus Reform:

Mother’s Day held special significance this year for an animal rights group at UC Berkeley and other Bay Area activists, who claim that exploiting the breast milk of “another’s mother,” namely a calf’s, is unfair and disrespectful.

On May 10, the Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy (BOAA) at UC Berkeley protested the consumption of mother cows’ milk at Andronico’s Community Market and Safeway, two dairy and meat-selling grocery markets in the San Francisco Bay area.

A group of about 20 students and alumni marched through the grocery markets consecutively, chanting lines such as “animals feel pain, just like us,” and holding signs that read “dairy cows are raped and forcibly impregnated” and “dairy cows are exploited for their breast milk.”

“Every time you drink the milk of a mother cow, there is a baby calf who isn’t,” BOAA organizer Reilly Gardine said in the group’s press release.

“There is no humane way to forcefully impregnate a cow and separate her from her baby, only to steal her milk,” Mike Harvey, another BOAA organizer, said in the press release.