Via Daily Mail:

As concerned spectators watched on, smoke started to pour out of the back of the missile launcher during the V-Day parade

Observers said the mobile BUK missile M1 system’s engine possibly caught fire because of an oil leak.

A military source said: ‘The fire was extinguished within minutes, then a military truck pulled it away.

‘There could have been an oil leak, causing the fire and creating that smoke. Things like that do happen to equipment.”

The source downplayed the incident, saying: ‘There was no major fire, no emergency situation, no threat.’

It follows the hugely embarrassing episode last week when one of Russia’s state-of-the-art T-14 Armata ground to a halt while others drove on in a Victory parade rehearsal.

The engine was still rumbling, but it would not move.

After an attempt to tow it failed, the T-14 rolled away under its own steam about 15 minutes later.

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