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Once the attempt to call the arrest ‘illegal’ goes away, then all the attendant charges start to disappear. Cops are never charged with ‘false imprisonment, even if an arrest is found to be improper.

Via Daily Caller:

Investigators with the Baltimore police task force investigating the Freddie Gray case did not expect the 25-year-old’s death to be ruled a homicide and believe that the charges filed in the case are not supported by evidence, officials told CNN.

Baltimore police’s task force believed that manslaughter would be the highest charge any of the six officers charged would face, CNN reported.

Instead, Baltimore City state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby is charging Caesar Goodson Jr., the officer who transported Gray in a police van, with second-degree depraved-heart murder, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault and misconduct.

Homicide investigators also believed that the medical examiner conducting Gray’s autopsy was set to determine that the cause of death was something less than homicide. They were surprised when Mosby announced Friday that Gray’s death was ruled a homicide.

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