Obama Speech in Denver, Colorado


Via Washington Examiner:

President Obama will promote his plan to make community college free during an upcoming commencement speech that will take place in the only state he has yet to visit.

Obama, in his weekly address to the nation, said Lake Area Tech, located in Watertown, S.D., boasts a graduation rate that is twice the national average.

“They’re proving that a great education can be within everyone’s reach,” Obama said.

The president’s Saturday address focused on expanding free educational services, which he considers the key to showing children “their lives matter.”

Obama taped the address at the D.C. Public Library in Anacostia, one of the poorest communities in the nation’s capital.

Earlier this week, Obama used the library as the backdrop for an announcement that book publishers would donate $250 million in e-books to low-income children.

The free e-book plan is part of Obama’s ConnectED initiative, which is aimed at ensuring everyone has access to the Internet.

“All of us have a responsibility to not only make sure our own children have pathways to success but that all children do,” Obama said Saturday. “And a great education is the ticket to a better life like never before. Making sure all our kids receive one is the surest way to show them that their lives matter. And it’s the smartest way to prove to them that in communities like this, and in a country like ours, we believe in opportunity for all.”

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