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She really should have recused herself or turned it over to a special prosecutor.

Via Daily Mail:

Baltimore’s chief prosecutor leading the investigation into Freddie Gray’s death has close ties to the lawyer representing the family of the dead man, leaving some in the legal community to speculate on the connections.

The Gray family lawyer, Billy Murphy, was a big campaign donor to Marilyn Mosby last year when she ran for State’s Attorney, donating the maximum individual amount allowed, $4,000, in June. Murphy was also on Mosby’s transition team after the election and has been described as a ‘mentor’ to her.

On Friday morning, Mosby declared that Gray’s death was a homicide, after he sustained a fatal neck injury by being shackled in the back of the police van without a seatbelt. She issued arrest warrants for all six Baltimore Police Officers who ‘illegally’ detained the 25-year-old on April 12.

A veteran Baltimore defense attorney, who focuses on civil rights matters, expressed deep concerns to Daily Mail Online on Friday about Murphy’s influence on Mosby.

Warren Brown said: ‘I hope her decision is not impacted by his counsel. He has his own prosecution, a civil one, but if she indicts then there is a criminal case. He has financial interest in indictment. I’m concerned he’s running interference for her.’

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