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It is no surprise to Weasel Zippers readers, that some of the same ‘activists’ agitating in Ferguson are now also agitating in Baltimore. We have noted in the past that many didn’t start the agitating with Ferguson, but with Occupy and Anonymous as well as other leftists groups that existed prior to Ferguson, such as the Answer Coalition, the Party of Socialism and Liberation, the Revolutionary Communists and the People’s Power Assembly.

Today, Catherine Herridge at Fox reported that a data company has confirmed up to 50 social media accounts that were agitating in Ferguson are also agitating in Baltimore, providing more proof of the “professional traveling leftist protester” of whom we have spoken.

As we have noted, these ‘professionals’ are about exploiting any situation to advance the cause of ‘bringing down the evil system’.


Herridge has updated the report to say that the number is from 20-50 social media accounts involved. By our count, 50 is a reasonable estimate, and it’s likely more.

The data company is reporting another spike in activity and more activists in NYC and Philadelphia preparing to come to Baltimore.