Update: Obama must be jealous.


MSM picking up on what we broke yesterday, that the Mayor of Baltimore said the city had given protesters who wanted to destroy, ‘space’ to do so.

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Update: Unreal.

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Update: Via Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs.

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To see what cops have been dealing with from earlier, you can see one cop already injured being taken away around :18 as the rioters continue to attack.

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Not starting curfew until tomorrow? Huh?

Mayor speaking, saying difference between peaceful protesters and those thugs attacking today. They are trying to tear down what so many have fought for, things that will impact our community for years. We are employing every force we can.

Governor declares state of emergency. We will deploy the national guard, there will be a curfew city wide, 10 pm to 5 am. but not starting until tomorrow. This preliminary curfew will last for at least a week. Under 14 by 9pm curfew, already in force.

Also have activated emergency activation response to be prepared for anything that may occur.

Councilman Brandon Scott calling on every able bodied man and woman to stop these people. He said he will go out into the street himself to help.

Commissioner says at least 15 officers have been injured.

Mayor said if Al Sharpton wants to come, he is welcome.

Looting is continuing, but police rapid response seems to be improving.


Pastors marching to try to stop violence. Nation of Islam members were standing between rioters and police trying to tell rioters to stop.