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The family asked specifically to stop the protests for today because of the funeral. Great respect they’re showing for the man for whom they say they’re ‘protesting’.


White Sox and Orioles game has been postponed. National Guard has been put on alert.

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Heading toward city hall and the harbor.

CNN journalist injured:
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Because nothing says you care about Freddie Gray so much as stealing toilet paper…
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They are now looting a CVS.
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The social media went out to high school kids to “purge”, to riot and attack the police.

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Tear gas out:
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Officer injured on the ground:
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This is insane, there were crowds of young men armed with bricks and objects pelting cops, hundreds of objects pelting them. They came prepared to attack the police.

News reports are reporting not only the threats from the Black Guerrilla family, and that the Bloods and Crips have been contracted or agreed to attack the police.

The State Police have been called out.

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Attacking police car:

Police official reports at least one officer injured is “unresponsive”.

The effort to attack the police is different-looking, looks very deliberate effort to mass up and attack.

The scanner reports chaos, multiple officers down, many different spots, police overwhelmed in areas.

Update via The Hill:

President Obama dodged potential questions about violent street protests in Baltimore on Monday when he met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Obama met with Lynch for the first time since she was sworn in, but the White House barred print, radio, and television reporters from covering the Oval Office meeting. Only still photographers were allowed inside.

The president and his new attorney general said nothing while their pictures were taken, photographers told a pool reporter.
During the meeting, Lynch updated Obama on the situation in Baltimore and said she “stands ready to provide any assistance that might be helpful there,” the White House said in a statement.