Yeah, how could we be upset with him flashing a V for victory and flipping us off after he’s blown people up?

Via Truth Revolt:

On Now with Alex Wagner today, the host and her guests were discussing the Boston bomber trial when they touched on the photograph that has been shocking and angering people around the world since it was revealed. Wagner notes that the photo was shown during the sentencing phase, and the panel discusses the relative fairness of the image as a true representation of the murderer.

“In arguing for the death penalty. prosecutors in the Boston marathon bombing trial on Tuesday used this image to argue that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was quote ‘unconcerned, unrepentant, and unchanged’,” says Wagner. “But surveillance video released by the defense just one day later provided more context. It shows the teen standing in his jail cell three months after the bombing fixing his hair, looking into the camera and flashing a V sign before making the brief offensive gesture.”

Note the softening words: he’s a teen, the gesture was brief, it needed more context.

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