NBC Nightly News - 07_16_23 PM


Via Newsbusters:

You’re an NBC Nightly News producer working on a story on a sensitive, controversial topic. Journalistic standards demand that, whatever your personal opinions, you seek expert opinions from serious professionals on all sides of the issue. So naturally, the only person you interview agrees with you and has been honored by an organization that boasts “the largest handmade vulva doorframe in America.” Like I said, you work for NBC News.

The topic in question was “transgender children,” and the expert of choice was Pediatrician Michelle Forcier, whose credentials include being profiled as “Hump Day Hero” by “The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.” That’s a Rhode Island activist organization that “fights to reduce sexual shame” and apparently collects anatomically modelled architectural features.

Forcier states she has special interest in treating “sexual minority” children and promotes early puberty interventions for children who want to be the opposite gender.

In other words, she was perfect for Nightly News’s two-night cheerleading report on “brave” children who are being raised transgender (living as the opposite sex.).

On April 21, NBC Correspondent Kate Snow interviewed a family whose daughter “Mia” transitioned to a boy named “Jacob” at four years old. This, viewers were told, was a good idea.

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