Yup, they are…

Via Truth Revolt:

Author and columnist Mark Steyn celebrated Earth Day with a great takedown on environmentalists.

“They are green on the outside but red, communist, socialist, big government red on the inside,” Steyn said, comparing enviro activists to watermelons.

Steyn is a contributor to a new book, Climate Change: The Facts, which features 22 essays on the science, economics and politics behind the climate change movement.

“If you say to the average American Democrat senator or congressman, ‘Well, why don’t we control the southern border?’, they will say, ‘Control the southern border, are you out of you mind?'” Steyn said. “But if you say to them, ‘Let’s change the very heavens, lets change the very climate of the planet’ they will say they can do that as long as they regulate you and tax you enough.”

Steyn is currently involved with a long-standing lawsuit against him over comments he made about Pennsylvania State University professor Michael Mann and his claim that the earth’s temperature rise looks like a hockey stick. Speaking of the attempt to control the environment, Steyn said the false premise behind global agreements like the Kyoto Protocol had a real impact around the world.

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