(Washington Examiner) — Liz Engel was a health-care policy advisor for the Democratic Policy Committee in the Senate for two years. After Obama’s election, she joined the transition team to serve on the “health care policy working group” headed by Tom Daschle.

Then she was appointed deputy assistant secretary for legislation at the Department of Health and Human Services, where, one can imagine, she played a central role in crafting the health-care reform bill. The bill, you’ll remember, creates all sorts of subsidies and regulations for providers and insurers, and it also gives unprecedented power to HHS, while leaving thousands of implementation details up to HHS officials.

Today, Engel is a managing director at the government affairs practice of lobbying firm Glover Park Group, where she’s a lobbyist in their health practice. Her first two clients: Planned Parenthood, and a non-profit hospital chain called Presbyterian Health Services.

You may remember Democrats fought tooth and nail to make sure the bill’s subsidies would cover abortion. Planned Parenthood aborts 1,000 babies a day. Her lobbying registration says she’s representing the abortion provider on “Matters relating to Health Reform.”

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