Where’s the #BringBackOurChristians hashtag from the White House?

Via CBN:

The Islamic State is demanding a $30 million ransom to release hundreds of Christian hostages.

Fox News reports ISIS jihadists are demanding $100,000 for each hostage.

“They know we cannot come up with this kind of money so they’re hoping other groups and countries will come up with the money,” Fox quoted an unnamed Assyrian leader.

The jihadi army captured 250-300 civilians in attacks on 35 Assyrian villages in the Hasaka province on February 23.

Islamic State fighters killed nine Assyrians attempting to defend their homes.

So far the Islamist group released 23 hostages who were told to leave the country rather than return to their homes.

The Islamic State has targeted Christian areas of Iraq and Syria, demanding residents convert to Islam and threatening to bomb their churches if they did not remove the crosses.