He wants Hillary to go on a vision quest.

Via NY Daily News

Mayor de Blasio isn’t ready for Hillary.

De Blasio, a former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s Senate bid, said Sunday he’s not yet prepared to endorse her for president — and wants her to embrace a progressive agenda on income inequality.

“I want to see a vision,” de Blasio said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” ahead of an expected campaign announcement by Clinton. “We need to see the substance.”

De Blasio called his former boss a “tremendous public servant” and “one of the most qualified people to ever run for this office,” but demanded she get behind policies like hiking taxes on the rich.

“I think progressives all over the country, I think everyday Americans are demanding that their candidates, the President and every other level, really say that we have a plan that we can believe in for addressing income inequality,” he said.

“It has to include increases in wages and benefits. It has to include the willingness to tax the wealthy so we can invest infrastructure, so we can invest in education again. That’s what I think progressives and everyday Americans will be looking for from Hillary and all other candidates.”

De Blasio said Clinton will have a better chance to embrace a left-leaning economic platform now than in her 2008 campaign because the economic crisis left so many Americans struggling with stagnant wages.[…]

Though he’s withholding his support for now, de Blasio said it’s not necessarily a problem if Clinton avoid a competitive Democratic primary.

“She doesn’t need to be vetted. I think we can safely say that. But I think she has to address the issues and that can be done with or without a primary,” he said.

He said Democrats must get on board with progressive policies to avoid the losses they suffered in 2014, drawing a contrast with Republicans’ embrace of “trickle-down economics.”

“Too many Democrats have not offered an alternative. And you know I believe strongly that that’s what happened in 2014. Democrats did not offer a progressive economic vision,” he said.

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