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Democrats hate history.

Via The Hill

President Obama on Saturday predicted a new tomorrow for the Americas following recent repairs to U.S-Cuba relations that began earlier this year.

“This shift in U.S. policy represents a turning point for our entire region,” Obama told an assembly of Latin and North American leaders at the seventh Summit of the Americas in Panama City.

“The fact that President Castro and I are both sitting here today marks a historic occasion,” he added of his interactions with Cuban leader Raul Castro.

Obama’s remarks come as his administration tries improving relations with Castro’s after decades of tension. The two plan on meeting later Saturday in a landmark encounter.

“I’m not interested in having battles that frankly started before I was born,” Obama said of the prolonged rivalry between Havana and Washington, D.C. “The Cold War’s been over for a long time.”

President Obama hailed overall relations with Latin America as “good as they’ve ever been.” With this in mind, he said he felt a “commitment” to softening the animosity between Cuba and the U.S.

Seeking warmer dealings with Cuba, Obama added, would improve the regional economy.

“It will mean more Americans traveling to Cuba, more commerce,” he predicted.

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