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Ummm… huh… what?

CLYBURN: “Well, I think you are exactly right. I have been saying for several years now that a certain atmosphere seems to be created in this country that gives license to this. All you have to do is look at this, what is it, American legislative exchange council that’s been drawing up pieces of legislation, mailing them out to legislatures all over the country, stand your ground. That’s nothing but a law for vigilante activity. We have seen these new voter suppression laws. They call it voter id. It’s about suppressing voters. The leader of the Pennsylvania legislature told us as much when they passed their law up there. We see these laws where we are stacking African-Americans in one district and bleaching out districts all around it. These things tend to get a rise, the political process. They tend to give license to people to do vigilante things and if you have police officers managing that sort of thing, some of them will take license from that to do things they are doing. So, no, we shouldn’t brush — use a broad brush in all of this. Most police officers are just outstanding citizens.”