Only government approved groups have a voice.

Via The Daily Caller

Two students seeking to start school pro-life clubs in Fargo, North Dakota, are claiming they are victims of unconstitutional discrimination from officials opposed to their cause.

According to a complaint letter sent by the Thomas More Society (TMS), a public interest law firm assisting the students, Brigid O’Keefe of Fargo North High School and Katie McPherson of Fargo Davies High School have each spent months attempting to establish pro-life clubs at their schools, to no avail. McPherson first applied to found a club in September 2014, while O’Keefe applied last February. Both had their applications declined, with O’Keefe saying she and other potential club members were subjected to close scrutiny of their religious beliefs.

Instead of approving the organizations as official school clubs, the Fargo School District has decided to classify each of them as “outside agencies,” according to TMS. That means they can’t put up advertisements for the groups in school, can’t host school events, and can’t include include a school name in the names of the clubs.[…]

According to the complaint letter, officials at Fargo North actually distinguished between a gay/straight alliance and pro-life club, saying that the former was acceptable because it dealt with a “protected” group, while the pro-life movement enjoys no such protections. At Davies, meanwhile, denial was based on the fact that even though the group was explicitly not religious in nature, it would inevitably take on a religious tone because of the beliefs of its members.

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