Via The Blaze:

Running through a field toward cover just outside a village in the Iraqi city of Daquq, Chris Toney said he could practically feel the hail of bullets whizzing past his head. He could hear the sound of the unsettling “crack” that bullets make when they hit nearby, just another reminder that his time on Earth could end in an instant.

“Down!” one of his commanders screamed.

The order sent Toney and his fellow fighters to the ground, the sound of rapid gunfire still ringing out in the distance. He had already witnessed one of his fellow Americans get shot in the leg right in front of him.

As he lay face-down in the grass, Toney said, he thought about why his team was so badly outmanned by Islamic State militants.

He said the fighters had kept him and his team pinned down by sniper fire for hours. When a United States aircraft finally arrived to lay down some air cover, everyone was relieved — but that relief was short-lived.

The U.S. aircraft, Toney claimed, dropped one bomb on a “piece of crap” truck and another that turned out to be a “dud” that failed to detonate. The plane then left and didn’t return (a claim the U.S. military would later refute), he recalled.

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