Naturally, this circus turns into a story of “bigotry”…

Via Newsbusters:

In their constant celebration of gender-bending, NPR still has time for old-fashioned transvestites. On the April 3 Morning Edition, their headline was “Longtime Couple Found That Clothes Didn’t Make The Man.” The producer, Liyna Anwar, tweeted “He’s a Vietnam vet who teaches electric power tech. He just does it all in a dress.”

Anchor Steve Inskeep introduced America to “Sissy” Goodwin and his wife Vickie of Laramie, Wyoming.

STEVE INSKEEP: Today, we have a love story from Wyoming. That’s where a man named Sissy Goodwin teaches power plant technology at Casper College. Sissy stands out on campus because he dresses in women’s clothing. He wears bows in his hair and prefers his toolboxes in pink. Sissy is not gay. His wife, Vickie, did not know that he wore women’s clothing when they met but has stood by his side for more than four decades.

Naturally, this is a story of violent disapproval and bigotry in need of relief from NPR and other compassionate media outlets. For this three-and-a-half-minute report, they started at the love story’s beginning:

SISSY GOODWIN: I knew I had to hide my behavior, so I tried to be very macho. As you know, the second or third date I took you on, I rode in a rodeo. But do you remember when I first told you that I wore women’s clothes?

VICKIE GOODWIN: It was after we were engaged. And I thought, well, that’s not a big deal. But one of the hardest things was that people made fun of this person that I loved. So I wanted to protect you.

S. GOODWIN: Remember when I was beat up in front of our house? The guy kicked my teeth in. To have your son have to witness that was pretty terrible.

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