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Via Campus Reform

A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee teaching assistant is offering extra credit to his students—but only if they’re bisexual.

In an email sent by Jonathan Dellinger to students enrolled in his public speaking class on April 1, the TA promised three extra credit points to any of his students who were bisexual.

“I’m just writing to inform you of another extra credit opportunity (3 points),” Dellinger wrote in the email obtained by Campus Reform. “To be eligible to participate in this study, you must identify as bisexual, so not everyone will be able to do this one.”

A student in the Communications 103 class who wished to remain anonymous told Campus Reform that there are no other extra credit opportunities for students who do not identify as bisexual. Dellinger has allegedly offered extra credit to his students—around 25—a couple of other times in the past, but then the opportunities were open for all students.

According to the extra credit description online, three UWM graduate students—Kristy Jagiello, Megan Lambertz, and Ben Baker—need bisexual students to participate in their survey “examining hurtful communication in close relationship regarding one’s bisexual identity.” A screenshot obtained by Campus Reform said the students would also participate in a 20-minute interview with one of the researchers.

The description said students’ participation is completely voluntary, and they can withdraw from the study at any point and still receive extra credit.

“I don’t mind that this opportunity was sent out besides the fact that an equal opportunity should have been attached to ensure the same chance for every student to earn the same amount of extra credit points,” a student in the class, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told Campus Reform.

Dr. Kathryn Olson, department chair of UWM’s communication department, told Campus Reform in an email that she would “investigate” the TA’s extra credit assignment.

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