Aerial view of Joe’s house in Wilmington, Delaware.

biden house

Joe was dead broke before he became a Senator.

Via CNS News

Speaking at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday about affordable housing, Vice President Joe Biden said home ownership helped him pay for his children’s college education, even if that would not be the case today because of the amount of money he earns.

“I make a lot of money now as vice president – I make a lot of money,” Biden said. “When the president was thanking everyone for the sacrifices they made when they got us all in the Blair House — after he took office — and the financial sacrifices they made, he looked at me and said, ‘Except for Joe, he’s getting a pay raise.’”

Biden’s salary for 2015 is $230,700. As a U.S. senator, prior to his vice presidential position starting in 2009, Joe Biden made $169,300 a year. (U.S. senators today make $174,000; the 2013 U.S. median household income was $51,915.) […]

In his keynote address, Biden said home ownership is what allows the middle class to prosper and pass on that prosperity to their children.

“Home ownership is how most middle-class families save,” said Biden, who owns a home in Delaware but who lives for free in the massive vice presidential mansion in Washington, D.C.

“It’s how most middle-class families build assets,” Biden said. “And for many, it’s the way you send your kid to college.”

“That’s how I got my children to college,” Biden said, adding, “And I make a lot of money now as vice president, I make a lot of money.”

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