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Well, Obama did say that everyone should be following the example of Ted Kennedy…

Via Daily Caller:

A former congressional aide and Obama staffer dodged jail time Friday after he pleaded guilty to drugging and sexually assaulting a former intern and another woman.

According to The Washington Post, the former intern said during the trial that Donny Ray Williams Jr. invited her to his Capitol Hill apartment one night after work where he promised to introduce her to other employees in the Senate. Instead, Williams slipped some Ambien sleep aids into her drink, and then raped her after she fell into a deep sleep.

A month later, prosecutors said Williams invited another woman to his house where they drank alcoholic beverages until the woman was too intoxicated to give her consent, at which point Williams had sex with her.

Prosecutors asked the judge to suspend Williams’s four and a half-year prison sentence, because even though he committed multiple heinous crimes, Williams later became a victim himself, in an unrelated crime.

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