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Hillary doesn’t know how that you can have two email accounts on the same device and reportedly doesn’t know how to type? Eleanor Holmes Norton can’t park, and neither can Michelle?

These folks don’t even know how to do the normal basic every day things of life, in some cases because they have their ‘people’ to do it for them, but they know how to dictate to us? Why would anyone vote for any of them?

Via Daily Mail:

Michelle Obama has issued a warning to motorists in the Washington D.C. area that her eldest daughter is now a licensed driver who is sometimes allowed to go out driving on her own.

‘I’ve got a driver — a 16-year-old driving around,’ the first lady said during an appearance on Live! With Kelly and Michael broadcast from the White House on Monday.

‘Look out DC,’ she joked.

Although Malia receives protection from the Secret Service, Mrs. Obama revealed that she does get to drive outside the White House grounds on her own.

‘She always has security around. But in order for her to learn how to drive, she had to drive on her own. So once she was legally permitted to drive on her own, she gets in her car,’ said Mrs. Obama.

Her eldest daughter’s newfound freedom had reminded the first lady that not having dirven herself in seven years she had forgotten how to.
When Malia asked her mom about how to park in a public parking lot, the first last admitted she was stumped.

‘I barely know now too so I have to check with other sources,’ she said.

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