Stuck on the spin cycle.


Neera Tanden, who’s president of the Center for American Progress, a think tank closely associated with the Clintons, did her best on Meet the Press today to defend Hillary Clinton’s scandalous handling of her e-mails, but her co-panelists, and even host Chuck Todd, weren’t having it. Tanden whipped out Clinton defenders’ favorite weapons: trying to tie concern over Clinton’s practices to Republican overreach on Benghazi and making some reference to “the scandal machine,” as if the e-mail issue were a ginned-up controversy rather than genuine bipartisan outrage over America’s top diplomat keeping official records however she likes.[…]

Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, and Kathleen Parker certainly didn’t buy it, repeatedly pushing back on Tanden, interrupting her to correct misleading claims, and at times just laughing at the case she laid out. Eventually, it got raucous enough that Todd cut off the segment with a reference to desert rodents and optical devices that was almost surely incomprehensible to 95 percent of Meet the Press’s audience.

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