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These women are not “feminists”, as in celebrating and honoring women and their worth. My mother and my grandmother were feminists, working to support families and fulfill their own talents, while also raising children. Valuing and honoring women, breaking glass ceilings, while not man-hating on their way there.

These women don’t honor women. It’s just another cause for those on the left to exploit to create division and attack the evil ‘system’ of patriarchy and of course capitalism (it always comes back to that).

Now if Robin Morgan were just any random loon, one might well just dismiss it.

But Robin Morgan was the editor-in-chief of MS magazine, has a weekly hour long radio show on CBS Radio, broadcast on WJFK, and she’s still a leading light in the “feminist movement”.

This is only one of the many rather disturbing quotes that are attributed to her, more may be found here. One can see from that link, that she is not alone in the feminist crazy.