I’m expecting a calm and well thought out response from the left.

Via The Hill:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said in an interview published Tuesday that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are guilty of “playing the race card” against their critics.

“I think they’re playing the race card, in my view,” Cheney said in an interview for Playboy with Fox News reporter James Rosen.

“Certainly we haven’t given up — nor should we give up — the right to criticize an administration and public officials. To say that we criticize, or that I criticize, Barack Obama or Eric Holder because of race, I just think it’s obviously not true.

“My view of it is the criticism is merited because of performance — or lack of performance, because of incompetence. It hasn’t got anything to do with race.”

Cheney, one of Obama’s harshest critics, took issue with the administration’s handling of the events this summer in Ferguson, Mo., where white police officer Darren Wilson shot an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown. […]

“And [I think] that we should not sort of throw it all over on the burden of race, or racial inequality or racial discrimination, as being responsible for this particular event,” Cheney said.