Sure he is.

Via WSJ:

Republicans have controlled Congress for a little more than two months now, but a top White House official says GOP lawmakers so far have failed to put any “points on the board” and that the president is driving the debate in Washington.

As House and Senate Republicans prepare to lay out their budget priorities this week, senior White House adviser Brian Deese offered a blunt assessment of the political landscape, saying that the majority party in Congress has simply been reacting to President Barack Obama’s proposals rather than advancing its own.

“Virtually all of the political dynamic of the last couple of months and sort of the defining feature of the initial period of the new Republican majority is one of them in defensive posture, responding to the president’s agenda,” Mr. Deese said in an interview.

He added: “From our perspective, obviously, it’s better to be on offense, both because that’s where the president wants to be, but also you can score when you’re on offense.”

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