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Terrifying to say the least.

RAPAPORT: “We don’t know if she’s running, first of all. I am a registered Democrat. What I do find sad is well, who else do we have? That did not inspire a lot of confidence as a Democrat. She got schooled by Obama in 2008. Ultimately, she couldn’t close the deal. She’s got the biggest foundation machine and she’s a Clinton, but does she excite the public? I don’t think so, personally.”

WAGNER: “This is what I’m asking, Dorian.”

WARREN: “I want to start a whisper campaign on your show right now. I think we should draft Michelle Obama to run. Forget running for the Senate like Hillary did. Let’s draft the first lady right now. She is equally as talented and smart as her husband. I think she would make a great president.

WAGNER: “Wow, Dorian Warren drafting Michelle Obama. Chris Cillizza, the likelihood of the the first lady getting involved in politics after her husband’s presidency is over?”